The Pastry Cupboard has been providing wholesale desserts to Bay Area restaurants, coffee shops and grocery stores for the past few years. Since Chona’s cakes and pies have become so popular, she has recently opened her first retail location at the corner of Market and Franklin. Chona has expanded the menu to include savory items such as fresh baked focaccia breads and salads.

Chona Piumarta

Chona Piumarta, Pastry Chef and Owner of The Pastry CupboardPastry Chef / Owner

My biggest influence was my mother, a fantastic cook and strong advocate for good food. Every meal was special and carefully crafted in flavor and presentation. This inspired me to create unique desserts as a Pastry Chef. Before starting The Pastry Cupboard, I was the Executive Pastry Chef at The Slanted Door. Prior to this, I was the opening Pastry Chef for Bradley Ogden’s Lark Creek Steak in San Francisco, the Executive Pastry Chef at Restaurant Lulu in San Francisco, and the Pastry Chef at The Plumed Horse in Saratoga. As a result of my broad experience with different cuisines, I developed my own style of flavors and presentation. I am happy to share the talent which allowed me to succeed as a pastry chef in these fine dining establishments of San Francisco, one of the food capitals of the world. From plated desserts to wholesome fruit pies, it’s all good food to me.